Lorenzo Cavini was born in 1968 in Florence, Italy.

He makes his photographs using processes dating from the C19th. These processes, which today are termed "alternative", rely extensively on the manual preparation of paper, chemical solutions and other ingredients from the original recipes. And with the increase in scope for variation, prints made from the same negative are never quite the same, allowing each one to be a unique and distinct original. It is this element of craftsmanship and discovery that drew him to these development forms in the first place.

Lorenzo has helped run a series of workshops at Hands-On-Pictures and at the last APIS 2004 conference in Edinburgh he led the demonstration on new developments on the cyanotype and chrysotype processes.

His subject matter is varied, but much of his work is imbued with a sense of dislocation. From "Anne" to the disused "Petrol Pumps" his subjects often seem to be lost, caught in a moment out of time.

Lorenzo's photographs are fine art images printed on 100% rag cotton art paper and each print, even from the same negative, produces a unique result. He is fascinated by the numerous, often serendipitous, variations that emerge during development and their stunningly different effects.

These processes often combined with a modern subject matter make Lorenzo's work thought provoking and beautiful, lacking, as it does, the harsh edges of modern development.




Lorenzo Cavini

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